Watch Dogs on Intel Pentium G3420

For testing we used:
Processor — Intel Pentium (3200MHz)
Video Card — Intel HD Graphics (1300/1600MHz)
RAM — Team-Elite 2x4Gb (1600MHz)
Motherboard — MSI H81M-P33
Cooler — BOX

OS: Windows 8.1
Program for recording the video: Fraps 3.5.99 Build 15618

Game settings are at the end of the video!



  1. Sometimes I got it freezed for about 10-20 seconds then it will unfreeze and then it will freeze suddenly like 10-20 seconds again, any cure?

  2. If you want to play games with this processor you need to buy a dedicated GPU, I'm sure you could play this game perfectly fine with this CPU if you had a proper graphics card.

  3. @DaiCaKiet is normal this game work bad on dualcore, your cpu stay all time on 100% you need a quadcore to fix a little that problem

  4. @DaiCaKiet
    and thanks to share this video, i want to buy a g3420 to work with intel hd grafics, with my old cpu E8400+GTX580 i run this game like you

  5. @nazirul hanis
    last generation of nvidia gtx900
    wait for GTX960 but you need change your cpu to a quadcore or more dualcore are over for games

  6. @Dinys So you mean, I must set to lowest to run without freezing, if I want more like Medium or High settings — Quad core is a must, right ?

  7. @DaiCaKiet
    right, processor are the most important part on computer if not work properly no matter how much ram you put or gpu you have

  8. Делать тесты в играх, с такой видеокартой, сверх разум

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