GTA 5 on Intel Pentium G3420

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For testing we used:
Processor — Intel Pentium (3200MHz)
Video Card — Intel HD Graphics (1250/1600MHz)
RAM — Team-Elite 2x4Gb (1600MHz)
Motherboard — MSI H81M-P33
Cooler — BOX

OS: Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview
Program for recording the video: Fraps 3.5.99 Build 15618

Game settings are at the beginning of the video!



  1. +Γιαννης Αναγνωστοπουλος на Intel HD Graphics думаю не сможет

  2. can you write it in english pls

  3. is this real? only intel G3420, that is a ~110-120$ cpu, can run gta 5, only with the integrated gpu? i cant believe this ! 😀
    The g3420 has a very strong integrated gpu, or what?

  4. the game seems to be in low settings and he only has 30 fps max, seems legit

  5. Yes, but on my laptop's dedicated gpu ran the gtaV ~ 40 fps on low. So I'm Impressed, that a CPU, could run games like this.

  6. amd radeon r9 270
    intel pentium g3420
    How many fps?
    what settings?

  7. if you have 4gb ram =40-56 fps on med-low settings with off vsync and antialising

  8. То, самое чувство когда он у тебя есть

  9. у меня с этим процом даже СТАЛКЕР на минималках еле тащит. Даже не верится что гта 5 так плавно работает

  10. 4gb ram intel pentium g3420 amd radeon hd 5450 can i run gta v? fps?

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