Dirt 3 on Intel Pentium G3420

For testing we used:
Processor — Intel Pentium (3200MHz)
Video Card — Intel HD Graphics (1300/1600MHz)
RAM — Team-Elite 2x4Gb (1600MHz)
Motherboard — MSI H81M-P33
Cooler — BOX

OS: Windows 8.1
Program for recording the video: Fraps 3.5.99 Build 15618
Program for measuring fps in games: D3DGear
Game settings are in the beginning of the video!



  1. Is this game played using only the integrated graphics of the processor?

  2. а вы как то разгоняли встроенную видюху или как есть без разгона всё?

  3. Разогнал встроенное графическое ядро с 1150МГц до 1300МГц, и все! 

  4. Can't pronounce the original video creators name but i have a question. Recently my r9 270x toxic some how fried and i was curious is their any steps you may have taken to boost ur performance with the on board graphics?

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